10 Best Social Sharing Plugins For WordPress

We all are very well aware of how important it is to have a social media presence in today’s world. Through social media platforms, you get to interact with your customers and build strong meaningful relationships. It also helps in showing your social impact and what you’re doing beside the general business-related work that you do. So, without much ado, let’s find out about the best social sharing plugins.

We all are very well aware of how important it is to have a social media presence in today’s world. Through social media platforms, you get to interact with your customers and build strong meaningful relationships. It also helps in showing your social impact and what you’re doing beside the general business-related work that you do. So, without much ado, let’s find out about the best social sharing plugins.


If your social media pages don’t have enough likes or followers, there’s no need to get disheartened because you can always drive your website traffic to your social media accounts using the best social sharing plugins for WordPress.


Using these plugins, your website visitors will be able to see all the social media platform icons that you have presence on. When they click on these icons, they will automatically be directed to the respective social media page of your business. This is a great way to increase your reach and eventually followers as well as likes. If we talk about the best social sharing plugins for WordPress, you’ll find that there are a ton of options to choose from. Having so many options can be a blessing and a curse because at one hand you have a lot to choose from, but on the other, you don’t know how to choose the right one.


But there’s no need to worry because in this article, we will be listing down some of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress that you can install on your website. We will get into the details of these plugins so that you have an exact idea of what to expect and which plugin will be the best for your needs.


1. Novashare

Novashare is a relatively new social sharing plugin in the market. It is a very lightweight plugin and only adds around 6 KBs to your website’s front end. The plugin is made especially for WordPress so it integrates very well. Moreover, it’s also quite easy to use therefore even beginners can use it and make changes very easily.


It offers some really great features and the social sharing buttons are optimized for mobile as well as desktop, making your website and pages even more accessible. Overall, Novashare is one of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress and you should definitely give it a try.


    • Comes with the ClickToTweet feature
    • Offers the UTM tagging feature as well
    • You can also add Pinterest Pin Images
    • Very to easy to use and understand


    • There is no free version for you to try out
    • It might not offer all the advanced features that you might need


2. The Easy Social Share Plugin

The Easy Social Share Plugin is an amazingly affordable WordPress plugin that is used by many renowned websites and bloggers. The biggest reason behind its success is the fact that it doesn’t slow down your website. So you can add all the great social sharing elements freely.


Other than that, it has a ton of different tools comprising but not limited to social sharing. You can also add follower counters, and it even has an email subscription tool. So, using this plugin you can work on building your social media presence as well as gather a list of emails for email marketing campaigns in the future.


    • It’s very affordable
    • You can create posts that can be shared, within your blogs
    • Comes with more than 50 different social media platform buttons
    • Also shows you different social media analytics


    • The initial setup might be a little long and tiring
    • Some might find it confusing to use


3. Social Pug

Social Pug is the product of a team that works at the famous DevPups. This team has built several other tools as well including Opt-in Hound, a renowned product to build email marketing lists.


With more than 40,000 installations, Social Pug is getting all the right attention because it has everything that your website needs. Moreover, it also doesn’t slow your website down or increase the load times of your pages.


    • Social Pug is super lightweight and super fast
    • The overall look and feel of the plugin is very modern
    • Trusted and loved by the users
    • Also offers social sharing counts


    • Many good features are only available in the premium version
    • This plugin doesn’t offer too many social media platforms


4. Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons

The Social Media Share Buttons & Social Sharing Icons plugin might have a really long name, but you will definitely remember it for the service it offers. It’s very simple yet intuitive making everything easier for you.


It has a library of around 200 something buttons of different social media platforms that you can use on your website. If you want your website to look aesthetically awesome, you should go for this plugin because it features highly customized button designs. Overall, the plugin is quite great and offers all the necessary features that are required to add good-looking social sharing buttons.


    • People can directly follow your social media pages from this plugin
    • Offers one of the most highly customized button designs
    • Also offers buttons for BBB Ratings, etc
    • Offers really great visual options


    • The free version doesn’t offer many amazing features that the premium version has
    • You can’t set a minimum rate on social shares and follower counts


5. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is one of the best social sharing plugins in the market and it is used by a large number of websites. It doesn’t just offer buttons for social sharing, rather it comes with a plethora of different site management tools.


Using Shareaholic you can add floating as well as in-content buttons on your website. With every button comes its own setting, so you can turn on follower counts, share counts, etc.


Overall, Shareaholic is a nice lightweight plugin that can add some really good functionality to your website.


    • Comes with specific advanced controls for Pinterest
    • Offers more than 100 social sharing integrations
    • Comes with a URL shortener
    • Official technology partner of Google Analytics


    • There’s no click to tweet option
    • Might seem a little too much for beginners


6. Social Media Flying Icons

Social Media Flying Icons is also one of the best social sharing plugins out there. It has more than 30 different button designs that you can test and use according to your site. The most unique feature of this plugin is the flying animation, that can really grab your visitors’ attention.


With this plugin you can install different style of buttons and see which one goes best with your website because having the right looks and feel to your website is absolutely essential.


    • Comes with a wide variety of designs
    • Icon sizes can be adjusted directly from the dashboard
    • Through short codes, you can add social sharing buttons anywhere
    • You can also add custom icons for unavailable platforms


    • The buttons can only be used for linking, not sharing
    • You’re left with only a few customization options after you’ve chosen a theme


7. Sumo Share

Sumo Share is another great, lightweight plugin for social sharing. With this plugin the social sharing buttons will be showing right beside your content at all times. These buttons are really great and look professional as well as modern.


In fact, the buttons that Sumo Share offers might also be one of the best social sharing buttons designs in the industry. Overall, Sumo Share is a nice little plugin to fulfill all your social sharing button needs.


    • You can download your previous sharing data
    • Provides several other tools as well
    • The buttons are free and beautiful
    • The buttons also come with some smart features


    • The free version doesn’t have mobile optimization
    • Some people might find it really confusing


8. Social Locker for WordPress

Social Locker works a little differently. It’ll keep you locked away from some content unless you’ve performed a social task like sharing, commenting, etc. Doing so will reveal the hidden content.


Social Media platforms, especially Facebook doesn’t really appreciate or encourage using locked content but what you do on your website is your own choice. But nevertheless, if you’re not charging money for something then it is only fair to make them do a small social task to unlock the content.


    • Great way to increase your likes and followers
    • Comes with some amazing 3D effects
    • The quality of your likes is great because they’re the ones who are interested
    • It supports and integrates with all major social platforms


    • Users might get annoyed because of the locked content
    • People might follow you just to unlock content and then unfollow you later


9. Kiwi Social Share

Kiwi Social Share plugin’s main focus was on the design and providing good speeds. With over 20,000 active installations, Kiwi Social Share is growing rapidly.


There are a ton of useful options that it offers. You can show your social sharing buttons anywhere, before, after or in between the content. And overall, it’s a great plugin with some really nice features.


    • Offers amazing speeds
    • Can easily blend with your site’s design
    • The developers offer great support
    • Offers share counts, even for Twitter


    • Might not come with all the features you need
    • Doesn’t have any widgets


10. Social Warfare

Social Warfare is the product of the Warfare Plugins company. It’s a simple to use a plugin for social sharing. One of the biggest unique selling points it has are the button designs, which are really attractive.


Overall, Social Warfare is quite fast, comes with some sophisticated designs and definitely has a lot to offer to anyone who might be interested in using it.


    • Allows you to directly upload images to Pinterest
    • Has over 5000 style combos
    • One of the fastest WordPress plugins
    • Through shortcodes, you can add buttons anywhere on the site


    • The payment needs to be made yearly
    • Might not be affordable for many people



Linking your social media platforms to your website is very important because it allows you to create a lasting social impact. Moreover, it’s also great for building strong relationships with your clients. We hope that with our list of the best social sharing plugins for WordPress, you’ll be able to find the right one for your site.




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