13 video marketing tips for creating more professional video content

2020 was a big year in video. In 2021, the trend will continue. Videos are crucial in the future of digital marketing. In 2021, each person in your audience will spend at least 100 minutes watching videos every day. How can corner a share that 100-minute daily video consumption time for your brand? Keep reading

2020 was a big year in video. In 2021, the trend will continue. Videos are crucial in the future of digital marketing. In 2021, each person in your audience will spend at least 100 minutes watching videos every day. How can corner a share that 100-minute daily video consumption time for your brand? Keep reading


1. Start with a script or storyboard.

Creating video content is exactly like telling a story and there are no stories without an outline for the different sections for the plot. Take some time to write out all the relevant details and information you want to pass on to your viewers else you’ll find yourself fidgeting and struggling for the right words when you find yourself in front of the camera. Asking questions like: “How do we our buyers? What differences do we make in our community? ” make your videos resonate well with your audience.

2. Show your personality and brand identity.

Once you’re done with the scriptwriting and rehearsal, get ready to show your personality. The last thing people want to watch is another boring video. They want to see things they can relate to, not another boring ad with no real connection. As start shooting, prepare yourself to show off your personality. If you’re a business or corporate brand, get an employee that fully understands the values of your brand to show off your company culture.


3. Pay attention to lighting

“Lights, camera, action”. There is a reason white light comes first in that classic epithet of video creation. Studies show that light has a great impact on humans and this has a huge role to play even in creating video content.. There are many lighting techniques you can use but the only one you should avoid is spotlighting; where the main light hits the subject directly as this comes off as play or joke. You can learn more about light setups here.


4. Use the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is one of the key rules to always observe either in photography or videography. To use the rule of thirds, you position the primary subject in the image (usually the human)  where the anchor points intersect. The anchor points are the meeting place of the lines that are drawn on the screen. Using this technique naturally helps draw the eye toward the main points of interest in the shot.


5. Use quality audio

Audios are very important in creating your video content. Your video content without audio would be a boring mime which is something you don’t want to offer your audience. Audio is not just important, it must be of the highest quality. You don’t need to send much to get quality audio for your videos, there are simple adjustments you can make for your audio to sound more professional. Start by shooting your video in a space that’s quiet and not noisy. If you are shooting outside where it’s windy, consider investing in a mic sleeve to help reduce the noise. You can use different microphone setups to get your desired audio which you can learn more about here.


6. Film your videos in a nice background.

Once you have sorted out your composition, lighting, and audio, do not forget your background. Busy backgrounds can be distracting and they render most videos as poor quality. Choose a clean background that doesn’t take attention from your main subject because you need your viewers to focus on your subject. You can start with basic backgrounds like walls without any elements of distractions like cracks, huge paintings, etc. Likewise, you can invest in professional backdrops but remember to keep it consistent in all your videos so your viewers can easily recognize your videos even before you mention them.

7. Keep the edits simple

Simplicity is sophistication. To keep your videos from being categorized as a ten-year-old’s art project you need to make the editing minimal. Editing your videos to include too many transitions and special effects will be the way from your videos and you should definitely avoid these. Make sure the editing is precise, don’t forget to sync your audios with the visuals. This is one of the little mistakes that ruin most videos.


8. Select music carefully

Music helps set the mood and atmosphere of your videos and you shouldn’t overlook this. Not every video requires music but it really helps capture the emotion of viewers. Always use music that is in line with the story you are telling in your videos. It shouldn’t be too loud to overshadow your origins audio.

9. Include captions and subtitles

Don’t make the mistake that most video makers are making. Every professional video should have a caption or subtitles because you can’t choose to ignore those with hearing impairment, including captions in the video will help you reach these groups of people. Research statistics show that people watch videos online without audio so if you really want your videos to pass on your message then you need to include subtitles and captions. Make sure they sync with the audio and are eligible.


10. Don’t forget your call to actions

Your video content has a purpose and that can only be achieved if you include a call to action. Including a call to action in your videos not only makes it professional but also helps your viewers know what actions to take after watching your videos. You can direct them to a link, or ask them to share your videos with a friend.


11. Choose a great thumbnail

Don’t judge a book by its cover, they say but your viewers are certainly judging your videos by the looks of your thumbnail and that’s before the reason why you should choose a great thumbnail. A great day should be well lit and of high quality considering the size on most online platforms, the last thing your viewers want to see is a pixelated graphic for a thumbnail. Keep it clean with minimal edits just like your videos and they do well if they include a scene from the video or are a clear representation of what your video is about. It is great to research thumbnail ideas from videos that perform well and use them as a blueprint for creating yours while staying true to yourself.


12. Optimize your videos for SEO

With most of the work now done on your video, it is very important to optimize all your video content for SEO. With about 3.5 billion searches per day via Google, YouTube, and other platforms, you’ll be harming yourself missing out on a huge number of views and putting all your efforts to waste if you don’t harness the power of search engine optimization for your videos. Mentioning and using keywords in the first few minutes of your videos are also recommended to help with SEO.


13. Publish and promote your video content.

With your professional-looking video content ready, you’re just a step away from yielding results. Publish your video to your desired platform and after that comes promotion.


With these tips, you’re guaranteed to create professional-looking video content that appeals to your target audience and viewers as well as yielding your desired results whether it’s more sales, brand awareness, promotion of a cause or education. So now it’s time to get filming.


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