16 best marketing blogs for marketing managers

Choosing the right marketing blog to read can be wearisome. According to Forbes, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created on the internet daily. This means you need to filter through several blogs to make sure it’s relevant to your subject matter. Wondering which authority marketing blogs to look out for?  

Choosing the right marketing blog to read can be wearisome. According to Forbes, there are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created on the internet daily. This means you need to filter through several blogs to make sure it’s relevant to your subject matter. Wondering which authority marketing blogs to look out for?

Here’s a list of the best marketing blogs to help you get top-notch information as a marketing manager;


#1. Neil Patel

Neil Patel is a marketing blog owned by Neil Patel; a marketing guru and founder of Quicksprout; an SEO website that helps marketers to drive traffic and grow business revenue. This is one of the most authoritative blogs in the marketing niche considering Neil Patel’s high level of expertise. His blog posts provide fresh data-driven insights on topics ranging from content marketing down to SEO.


#2. Copy Blogger

For all things copywriting, The copyblogger is the place for you to be. This blog shares the best tips, guides, and effective copywriting for social media strategy by the expert duo; Brain Clark and Sonia Simone. This blog is your perfect resource for building brand authority in content marketing.


#3. EMarketer

The emarketer blog churns out daily blog posts that always deliver on all things marketing right from b2b marketing, e-commerce, mobile purchasing down to basic social media strategy just to name a few. Posts are packed with visuals and graphics making the comprehension process much easier for markers who frequent the blog. The blog also leverages the dynamics of content by publishing different formats of content such as podcasts, videos, and webinars that appeal to different types of readers who likened it to taking a course in basic social media marketing.


#4. HubSpot

Hubspot is every marketing manager’s go-to site for the best posts on inbound marketing. Like other blogs featured in this list, all Hubspot blog posts are driven by data and comes handily in the form of case studies, guides, and free templates that prove valuable to their audience. Expert advice and opinion are regularly featured on the site as well making it easier for marketers to pick the brains of the experts and apply them in the real-life marketing scene.


#5. Buffer

You did be surprised to see Buffer here. Yes, it’s coming off as one of the common and great scheduling tools to you as a great scheduling tool for social media posts but their site also doubles as a resourceful blog for marketers. Posts on the buffer blog cover basic social media marketing strategy, digital marketing case studies, analytics, and the like. Posts are detailed and written by industry experts and workers at buffer.


#6. Marie Forleo

As a marketing manager, you need some expert advice every now and then. That’s exactly what the marie forleo blog does. As an expert, Marie Forleo provides you the ideas and resources that answer most of your questions or confusions about marketing.


#7. Content Marketing Institute

As you may deduce from its name, the content marketing institute blog is more like a special institute solely for content marketing. Founded by Joe Palizzi; a content marketer, entrepreneur, author, and public speaker, you’re assured that all publications contain the best of knowledge on content marketing. Posts are published daily and they cover a wide range of topics aside from content marketing. Trends in the marketing world as well as free guides and downloadables are listed on the blog to keep you informed about the latest trends in marketing.


#8. Marketo

This is one of the renowned marketing blogs best known for their highly valuable and detailed marketing articles. Posts on the marketo blog are categorized according to b2b marketing and b2c which makes navigating the blog an easier task.


#9. Moz

The moz blog publishes articles on SEO and the articles are both written and curated by experts including the likes of Richard Fishkin; a known SEO expert who also happens to have co-founded the site with other experts.


#10. Growth Marketing Pro

In-depth how-to guides on all topics from SEO, content marketing to landing page optimization are popular posts you will find on the growth marketing pro blog. The growth marketing pro blog also features honest marketing software reviews which are scarcely done these days. Reading their blog posts will help you grow into the marketing pro you’ve always wanted to be.


#11. Adweek

The Adweek blog is a great asset to you as a marketing manager especially if you’re operating in the b2b marketing circle. Blog posts offer the best and latest developments in social media marketing strategy and b2b marketing. They also feature top marketing campaigns, marketing events, webinars, and thought leadership.


#12. Unbounce

Unbounce is best known as a platform that helps marketers with the creation, integration, and optimization of landing pages but their site goes beyond that as it doubles as a blog that shares excellently written articles on the same topics making it a great resource for you as a marketer in the creation and optimization of landing pages.


#13. Mod Girl Marketing Blog

This blog is a flagship of the Mod Girl Marketing LLC owned by Mandy McEwen; an expert in SEO and marketing. And if you want to stay ahead of your competition then the Mod Girl Marketing Blog is your answer. Their posts include; the latest inbound marketing trends, tools, and advice for marketers that ensures you stay ahead of others when it comes to the marketing sphere.


#14. Social Media Examiner

The social media examiner blog publishes blog posts that are relevant in the social media marketing niche. Posts are designed to help all marketers no matter their level of expertise. Research and statistics as well as recommendations support all blog posts that focus on all the key social media platforms making the work of marketing managers easier.


#15. Media Orbit

The orbit media blog is owned by one of the seasoned experts in digital marketing named Andy Crestodin. The blog posts cover all aspects of digital marketing making it a good starting point for both beginner and expert marketing managers.


#16. Ahrefs

Posts published by the Ahrefs blog are very in-depth and detailed and they cover all aspects of marketing. Their posts also focus on SEO, video marketing and it features trend reports as well.




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