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I can’t watch my clock anymore! The Tik Toks are so annoying. 

Welcome to 2020. Tik Tok has become so popular that it’s embedded in our most mainstream jokes. But while you may look upon it derisively and dismiss it as the vacuous pastime of the hapless Gen Zs, it really isn’t. 

If you are not already there; TikTok is a powerful marketing tool that your brand has to get on.

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TikTok is already the third-ranked social app in Nigeria, and sixth in Kenya. 

In Ghana, there is already a laundry list of local influencers including Lydia Forson, Kuami Eugene, Nancy G, etc; publishing on the platform waiting for a brand to leverage their equity. With an engagement rate miles ahead of Instagram and about one billion daily video views, the short form video content app is a gold mine for your brand.


My assumption is that you’ve downloaded TikTok and created an account. Now, how can you grow your brand on TikTok today:

#1. Research and align your brand.

Though Tik Tok may be another social media platform, it has its own special features that need to be studied especially when you want to deploy it for B2B social media marketing. Know the users, not just the tech. Gaining more insights on the demography of the app among others will help you speak the language of the platform fluently. 

#2. Spin the trends.

TikTok thrives on original content, but also thrives on riff-offs. A lot of TikTok is actually recreating videos that are making the rounds on the app. That means, it’s actually very easy from a creative standpoint to create brand content on the app. From trending videos to trending music and sounds, the options are limitless. Showcase your products and services using trending sounds, videos to easily increase brand awareness, sales and growth.

#3. Hashtag challenges

Creating content based on existing TikTok is fantastic. What’s even more so is being the face of a new challenge. Businesses like Guess have grown their business through the #inMyDenim challenge which they launched on the app and you can replicate this too by adding your unique touch. Doing this should help make your business more visible to your TA, foster a good relationship and also induce growth. 

#4. TikTok influencer marketing

Just like other social media platforms, Tik Tok allows you to implement influencer marketing strategies. Work with your digital marketing agency to approach relevant local creators and influencers that are not only popular but aligned to your business. Don’t fall into the trap of selecting influencers only because they are popular. Make sure they care about your brand. If you don’t do this, you will end up with an influencer faux pas like this one with Scott Disick.

#5. Curate user-generated content

When you execute strategies like the hashtag challenges on TikTok, you get a bank of user generated content that you can repurpose into new posts to drive engagement and growth like Pepsi did in India.

Your audience will appreciate that you are giving their content more visibility while you also get quality social proof that will skyrocket your business and sales. Win, win.

#6. Run targeted TikTok ads

Brands in Ghana and across the world invest a lot into ads because they work.  Like a lot of social apps, TikTik has a wide range of ads you can run including in-feed ads, sponsored hashtag challenges, brand filters and brand takeovers etc. With the right targeting, Tik Tok ads perform excellently.

Final thoughts:

B2B social media marketing is surprisingly easy on Tik Tok. If it ever feels hard, then you are probably taking it too seriously. Remember to have fun whilst growing.

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