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Offering chat support on your website is a great way to add a personal touch to it. There are a ton of chat plugins that you can use and install on your website. 

  With the availability of a huge variety of options, customers tend to get confused with which plugins are the best chat plugins. And therefore, to help you with that confusion we will be listing down a list of the best plugins along with their features. 

Websites that allow visitors to talk to the organisation quickly get 26% more qualified leads. Therefore, if you want your website visitors to contact you, you need to make it easy for them to reach out to you. 

So, having multiple ways of communication on your website (phone, email, chat or even WhatsApp) is an excellent way to do that. 

In this article, we will discuss adding a chat plugin to your site.

There are a lot of Chat Plugins out there, and knowing which one to choose is not always simple. We created this list to help you make the right choice. 

This way, you will have an idea of what to expect if you want to use one of them, and which one will serve your website’s purpose the best. 



LiveChat is one of the most popular and best chat plugins. It provides a great user experience for the website visitors as well as the chat agents. 

To make sure that your customer support agents are on top of their game, LiveChat allows your visitors to give feedback and suggest improvements. 

Another great feature that LiveChat provides is to allow you to directly contact your customers yourself. For instance, you might want to prompt a visitor after he visited three pages or spent 3 minutes browsing your site. 

You also have the option to customise your chat window’s design to fit your brand guidelines. 

These and many other super unique features are what make LiveChat an excellent chat plugin that you can use on your website. 


    • Every user gets a 14-day free trial allowing you to make fair use of it and be sure about your choice
    • You get the entire history of all your previous chats
    • They have a single dashboard for all the conversions, regardless of the number of sites you’re using LiveChat on
    • There are several customisation options for your chatbox


    • It might not work on some mobile platforms
    • Issues related to the time zones


HubSpot WordPress Plugin

What makes HubSpot’s WordPress Plugin the second choice on our list of the best chat plugins is its ability to integrates with the many Hubspot software. 

HubSpot offers forms, customer relationship management tools, email marketing, marketing automation tools, analytics and much more.

This plugin provides more than just a live chat tool; instead, it provides businesses with an entire range of services related to digital. 

The Chat also comes with some cool features like an advanced chatbot. 


    • Chatbots can work and answer questions around the clock
    • Offers a ton of other marketing-related tools
    • Simple to install


    • Might not be advanced enough to handle sales of huge businesses
    • Lacks some flexibility



Olark is a simple fully-fledged live chat solution provider which makes it a useful chat plugin. What we particularly love about Olark is the simple shortcode to paste on any website you want to manage with the same subscription.  

Olark also offers a crazy fair amount of features. To start, it gives you a complete analysis of your chats. This means you can figure out the frequency of conversations, how fast did the agents reply, how satisfied your customers were, etc.

It can also be integrated with all your major CRM software like Salesforce, Nutshell, etc. All in all, it offers a great and easy solution to all your live chat needs for your website. 


    • Allows you to divide your operators into groups, like the sales team, support team, etc
    • Integrates with all significant CRM software
    • Gives you full, in-depth reports of your chats
    • Can also be integrated with various Helpdesk tools


    • Doesn’t have the option of sharing images/screenshots
    • Not many options to customise the theme of the chat widget


Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is also one of the most popular and a strong contender in our list. Since it has a dedicated WordPress plugin, it can be very easily installed to operate within minutes on your WordPress website.

Moreover, Zendesk has one of the most stylish chat boxes, which adds a beautiful design element to your site.

With Zendesk, you can always know what’s happening thanks to the analytic mobile app. Available both for Android and IOS, the app has compact dashboards to review the performance of your chats and all the analytics related to it.

Overall, Zendesk is great for small as well as big business but for better services, you would have to buy the premium version.


    • Offers free subscription with one chat agent
    • Has some stunning chatbox designs that you can also customise
    • Comes with a fully functional Android and iPhone app
    • Gives complete analysis of your chats


    • Can be expensive for small businesses
    • You can’t edit a reply once it has been delivered


Pure Chat

If you need a highly customisable and automated chat, Pure Chat is for you! Through Pure Chat, you can set automatic triggers for specific actions that users take on your website. This way, even if your reps are away, you won’t have to worry about your visitors being left with no response. 

Another great feature; If your support team is away, you can choose to not display your chat widget on your site. If that’s the case, you can also select an email to get sent to the visitor directly. Pure Chat also comes with some great analytical tools that give you all the insights about your chat history.


    • Excellent ability to have customisable widgets
    • Straightforward and quick installation process
    • Allows you to test the widget directly on your website and check the performance


    • Some minor connection issues
    • Problems with receiving notifications


Tidio Live Chat

If you want a live chat plugin that you can get up and running in a matter of a few minutes, then look no more. Tido Live Chat offers tons of attractive options. For example, you can access all the chats from your WordPress dashboard, and you can also do so by installing either a desktop software, an Android or an iPhone application. Conclusively it offers excellent functionality and ease of usage. 


    • Tidio Live Chat comes with a free version 
    • Comes with apps for desktop, Android and iPhone
    • You can choose from three different designs for your chatbox
    • The colour options for the chat widget are endless


    • Some other services’ free features are paid in Tidio
    • Some connection problems


LiveChat Unlimited

LiveChat Unlimited is the last entry on our list of fantastic chat plugins. If you want to get away from the hassle of paying monthly fees, then LiveChat Unlimited is your way to go. You pay $75 once, and you own it for life. 


The overall chat boxes are quite simple and come in two different designs for you to choose from. All the chats are handled from the WordPress plugin directly. All in all, it offers a good service at an affordable fee.


    • Comes with a one-time fee of $75
    • Allows you to handle an unlimited number of conversions at any time
    • There’s also a contact form option if visitors are offline
    • Easy to use operation


    • Doesn’t have many customisable options
    • Not great for big organisations


Having a live chat option is a great way to increase your website’s conversions. Therefore, you must invest in one of the best chat plugins that we’ve mentioned to increase your conversions and ultimately, sales. For more tips about your WP site, you can check our ultimate guide. 


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