7 Best Translation Plugins for Multilingual Websites

Multilingual plugins basically enable you to manually add content to your website in multiple languages, according to your needs. Although this can be very time consuming, the biggest benefit of this would be that the quality of the translations will be very good compared to an automated machine-generated translation

Many people who are new to WordPress don’t really have an idea that it can be installed in their native language and can be used to make websites in whichever language they’d like. All of this is possible with the best WordPress translation plugins. If we talk about multilingual websites, there are two categories of plugins that can be used on WordPress websites. The first one is WordPress multilingual plugins and second is Automated WordPress translation plugins. Don’t worry we’ll get into the details of both.


Multilingual plugins basically enable you to manually add content to your website in multiple languages, according to your needs. Although this can be very time consuming, the biggest benefit of this would be that the quality of the translations will be very good compared to an automated machine-generated translation.


On the other hand, the other category of WordPress translation plugins are the ones who make use of online translation platforms to translate your website content. Although this saves a lot of your time because you don’t have to separately write content, the quality of the translation isn’t as good as something that you would manually type. But nevertheless, both of these types of plugins are widely available and you have plenty of options to choose from. To make choosing the right plugin easier for you, we will be listing down some of the best WordPress translation plugins for multilingual websites and getting into their details.


This way you will exactly know which options are the best options and how they will benefit you.


1. TranslatePress

TranslatePress is one of the best WordPress translation plugins out there. It allows you to control all the aspects of your website content and its translations with ease. One really great and unique feature of TranslatePress is that it lets you translate the content of your website right from the frontend and keeps showing you all the progress that you’re making in real time.


If you are a business who wants exact translations and would rather do things manually then this is an amazing plugin for you. You can either do the translations yourself or assign any website user to do it for you.


    • Comes with a free version
    • Very easy to use
    • Shows your progress in real time
    • Offers SEO Support


    • Free version lets you translate your site in just one language
    • The free version doesn’t have a SEO support



The WordPress Multilingual Plugin, more commonly known as WPML is one the most popular translation plugins out there. With this plugin you can translate just about anything including themes, content, other plugins and many more stuff.


The interface of the plugin is very easy to use and understand allowing you to efficiently manage content on your website, in different languages. WPML does let you do things manually but what’s great is that it also lets you connect to third-party translation services so that you can even get your content translated automatically.


Overall, it’s one of the best WordPress translation plugins that you can use on your site and it offers some really great functions.


    • Makes adding translations, very easy
    • Lets you connect to third-party translation services as well
    • Has Multilingual CMS and Multilingual blog licensing plans
    • Supports all types of posts


    • Complaints about e-Commerce translation issues
    • There’s no support in the free version


3. Weglot

Weglot is another great translation plugin that is entirely cloud-based. It offers integrations with WordPress, BigCommerce, Shopify and many other platforms. They have a tool known as the Weglot API which you will need to enter in order to start off.


After entering the API you will connect your WordPress site to it and also enter all the languages that you need translations in. Weglot has a great many features that are super useful.


You can enjoy SEO friendly URL support, integration with third-party translation services and many other awesome features. All in all, Weglot can prove to be a pretty decent WordPress translation plugin for your site.


    • Offers SEO friendly URL support
    • Allows integration with other third party translation services
    • Integrates well with WordPress and several other platforms
    • Has an easy to use interface


    • The pricing plans can be quite expensive
    • The free version doesn’t have many features


4. Polylang

Polylang can be your super powerful helper in making multilingual and bilingual website content. It follows a very simple interface which allows you to easily add translations to your posts, widgets, pages and many other elements of your website.  On the contrary, Polylang doesn’t have support for WordPress theme and plugin translations. Nor does it provide support for eCommerce, so you will have to buy a separate add-on for that.


But other than that, Polylang is easily one of the best WordPress translation plugins as it has almost all the features that you could possibly need, in order to make your website content available in various different languages.


    • Very easy to use
    • Comes with a string translation feature
    • Feature a language switcher as well
    • Lets you set up SEO friendly URLs


    • eCommerce integrations will require you to pay for separate addons
    • Doesn’t offer support for translating WordPress themes


5. GTranslate

GTranslate is another amazing, user-friendly translation plugin for WordPress. It allows translations in around 103 different languages using the services of Google Translate. From posts, to categories and pages, GTranslate will translate just about anything for you.


With this plugin installed, users will get a multi-language widget on your website from where they will be able to choose the language that they want to see the content in. Even the widget comes in 10 different styles which shows the amount of details the team has put into making this plugin. The plugin also offers integration with WooCommerce and many other similar platforms.


It has a single settings page from where you can control any and every that happens with the plugin. It also offers analytics so you know exactly the type of content and language that is being accessed or driving a lot of traffic to your website. All in all, this plugin is easily one of the best WordPress translations plugins out there.


    • The price plans are quite affordable compared to others
    • Great choice for small businesses
    • Easy to use interface
    • Features analytics as well


    • Complaints about issues with WooCommerce integration
    • The free plan doesn’t offer many useful features


6. Google Website Translator

You can Google Website Translator an alternative to GTranslate because the services it offers are quite similar to GTranslate. Much like the plugin mentioned before this, Google Website Translator also uses Google Translate as its main source of translations for all kinds of content on your website.


It comes with a widget that can be integrated directly into your website design so that users can use it to get the content translated in more than 100 different languages that Google Translate offers. The plugin also comes with a few templates for the widget allowing you to choose the one which fits best with your website.


On the settings page, you can control your website’s main content language and how many languages would you allow your content to be translated in. Overall, Google Website Translator is a great plugin from the automated translation plugins category.


    • The plugin is quite fast and lightweight
    • Has some super affordable plans
    • The support team is quite helpful
    • Easy way to access Google Translate’s services directly


    • The translations aren’t always perfectly accurate
    • The free version doesn’t have many great options


7. Loco Translate

Loco Translate, although one of the best WordPress plugins, is also quite different from all of them. The reason for that is the fact that it lets you translate WordPress plugins and themes. Therefore, you can make great use of this plugin if your WordPress themes and plugins are translation-ready.


The overall interface of Loco Translate is quite simple too. There are basically two columns in the interface, one showing the original content whereas the other showing the translated content for your ease.


Conclusively, Loco Translate has many great features that can prove to be really good for your website. It lets you translate everything from posts to normal website content and widgets, etc.


    • Follows a simple and easy to use interface
    • Good pricing plans
    • Has around 500,000 active installations
    • Trusted by many


    • Might not be good for big organizations and websites
    • Only allows translation for WordPress themes and plugins



If you’re running a big website and want to target individuals from all over the world, then it is highly important that your website content is available in different languages.


With native languages you will be able to capture the attention of your potential customers in a far more personal manner and they’ll be able to understand your content better.  We hope that with our list of the best translation plugins for WordPress, you will be able to find the right plugin that will accurately translate your website’s content in the languages of your beloved customers.




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