7 Best WordPress LMS Plugins Compared

The best setting for a course or an online class is provided by a learning management system, short for LMS. With some of the best WordPress LMS plugins, you can make an entire online class where students can take lectures, get enrolled, share the coursework, take quizzes, and do several such activities without ever being physically present in a classroom setting.

Online classes and courses have become increasingly popular in recent times. Especially with the outbreak of the corona-virus and things moving online, there has been an even bigger surge in the number of people enrolling for online courses and taking online classes. The best setting for a course or an online class is provided by a learning management system, short for LMS. With some of the best WordPress LMS plugins, you can make an entire online class where students can take lectures, get enrolled, share the coursework, take quizzes, and do several such activities without ever being physically present in a classroom setting.


Through LMS you can take a course and learn just about anything. Many courses on the internet are for free but many will also cost you a fee that you’ll have to pay online. You can learn languages, you can take lectures related to a particular subject, learn how to play the guitar or if you are a teacher, you can conduct your own classes and share your expertise with a group of people who are interested in learning from you.  Almost all educational institutions have their own personalized learning management systems where their students are enrolled. These systems are used for online classes and also for the submission of assignments or any other class related updates and activities.


If you have a WordPress website or if you are looking to make an online learning management system on WordPress, just like Udemy or Coursera, then you’re in the right place. All you’ll need to do is have knowledge about the best WordPress LMS plugins and you’ll be good. Since choosing the right one from a wide variety of options can be really hard, therefore, in this article, we will be listing down some of the best WordPress LMS plugins that we feel can get you the perfect LMS setting that you wish to have. So read further.


1. LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins. It is used by a large number of Fortune 500 companies as well as many big universities due to the great features that it offers. You can create amazing online courses and have just about anything that you want.  LearnDash has all the tools to make sure that there’s all the needed content, rewards for learners, and different materials to keep the students engaged. The pricing is quite decent, at least for the short term, and allows you to enjoy all the benefits that LearnDash comes with.

However, on the flip side, LearnDash doesn’t have a free trial version. LearnDash compared to its alternative Lifter LMS however, is quite affordable.


    • Integrates well with all kinds of themes
    • The courses follow a certain hierarchy
    • The customer support system is also very good
    • Easy to use and understand


    • Customization options are lacking
    • The prices are a little awkward


2. Lifter LMS

Lifter LMS is a really good alternative to LearnDash but based on the prices, not so much. But if you opt for the option of buying addons separately then you might be able to save up on some money. Lifter LMS offers some really great and seamless integrations with all the other plugins and tools. Most importantly, it integrates really smoothly with WooCommerce, MailChimp and AffiliateWP.


Lifter also offers a 30 day trial period of $1, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before actually paying for the product. A convenience that you will not get in LearnDash.


    • The customer support system is very strong
    • Allows you to build courses within minutes
    • Integrates seamlessly with WordPress
    • Also integrates well with WooCommerce and several other platforms


    • Add-ons are not optional
    • The email marketing options are quite limited


3. LearnPress

LearnPress is one of the simplest and best WordPress LMS Plugins available currently. The best part about this awesome plugin is that it’s completely free. However, you would still have to pay for a theme that is compatible with the plugin.


If we compare it to Lifter LMS, the support system that LearnPress offers isn’t as dedicated and fast. But other than that, there are several free add-ons that can be super useful to you, for additional features, you can also buy premium add-ons for elements like online certificates, WooCommerce support and integration, etc.


    • Offers a large number of payment options
    • The core LMS plugin is absolutely free
    • Multiple instructors can manage one course
    • You can create attractive pages to market your course as well


    • The support isn’t that good
    • Some super useful add-ons will have to be bought


4. Sensei

Sensei is actually an extension for WooCommerce, so technically you can use it to include online courses and videos if you’re running an eCommerce website. The process is quite simple, you can create a course, add lessons and quizzes to it and people will register. But along with that you can also add eCommerce elements like products, etc, within the course.


One slight downside of Sensei is that you have to upgrade on an annual basis but the type of seamless integration it offers with WooCommerce and WordPress might even make it worth it. Moreover, it’s not entirely necessary that you specifically use a WooCommerce theme with Sensei, you can use simpler themes from WordPress as well. It all depends on what you want to get out of the plugin. Compared to LearnPress, Sensei might be the better one but we feel that the integrations with WordPress are still better done by LearnPress.


    • Integrates amazingly with WordPress & WooCommerce
    • Features course analytics so you have all the information related to grades and performance
    • You can set the quiz grading on automatic or manual
    • Very easy and simple to use


    • You have to upgrade every year
    • The price can be quite expensive


5. WP Courseware

WP Courseware is a very useful and promising LMS WordPress plugin. The first reason for that is compared to other competitors like Sensei, LearnPress, the pricing this plugin offers is much more affordable.


On the downside, there is no free trial version but you do get an on-site demo which gives you an idea of the whole functionality, look and feel of the plugin. WP Courseware is used and trusted by many big universities all across the world. You will also find this plugin being used on several big training websites for some big names like CNN and Sheraton.  The plugin also comes with a huge collection of integrations that you can choose. These integrations also include WooCommerce and many other popular names like BuddyPress, Visual Composer etc.


    • Several affordable pricing packages
    • The visual designer comes with a drag and drop builder
    • You can have multiple instructors on one course
    • Several types of different quizzes


    • Limited customization options for user registration forms
    • There’s no built-in forum option


6. Good LMS

Good LMS is one of the cheapest plugins. It’s even cheaper than Sensei and offers a number of great features. You get support and updates for a year with the one-time initial payment that you can upgrade later. It comes with all the features like the ability to create courses, add quizzes, learning material, instructor backend, etc. If you’re just starting your online course business off and want to invest less but have a workable course enrollment and teaching setting, then we suggest that you should definitely give Good LMS a try as it is one of the best WordPress LMS plugins out there.


There are also many demos available that you can watch so that you have a clear idea of how some of the features work and what you can expect out of this particular LMS plugin.  Overall, Good LMS might not be as great as the giants like LearnPress or Lifter LMS, it still offers all the necessary basic features at good rates.


    • Allows you to create courses simply and quickly
    • If you’re a WordPress user, you won’t have any problems at all using this plugin
    • Quite an affordable option
    • Allows you to modify the quiz settings too


    • Might be hard to understand for people with no prior knowledge of WordPress
    • Might not be suitable if you’re aiming for a huge site for courses


7. MasterStudy LMS

This is one of the newest plugins but comes with a wide variety of features. With MasterStudy you can easily create and customize courses according to your needs and liking. The plugin is available for free and will integrate with any WordPress theme but there’s a premium version as well. With the premium version you will unlock a whole new array of options for your courses website.


You can create amazing learning experiences, with images, videos and all other kinds of engaging content. Overall, compared to Good LMS, MasterStudy might be the better choice because of the features it offers.


    • Even the free version offers all integrations
    • Offers fast page load times
    • Easy to use user interface
    • Has built-in ratings for courses


    • The support can be a little slow
    • Some useful features can only be unlocked through the premium version



Given the popularity of online courses, it is important that you choose a plugin that is highly functional and doesn’t create any problems for you. With our list of the best WordPress LMS plugins, we hope that you will be able to take your site to the next level.




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