8 Best Email List Cleaning Software

8 Best Email List Cleaning Software.
Many email marketing software company will ask you to validate your list if you want to import it.

There are a ton of options when it comes to the best email list cleaning software, therefore choosing the best one can be a bit of a hassle.

Many email marketing software company will ask you to validate your list if you want to import it. There are a ton of options when it comes to the best email list cleaning software, therefore choosing the best one can be a bit of a hassle. In this article, however, we have made a list of some of the best email list cleaning software to make this task super easy and manageable for you. So read on. 



The first on our list of the best email list cleaning software is NeverBounce. It’s a great software that helps in pointing out all the invalid ids in your list so you can easily remove them.

Regardless of the size of your list NeverBounce will provide you with a clean list, every time without any problems. The entire process is carried out swiftly and in just three quick steps. 

It also provides other services like email verifications, email scrubbing services etc. Overall, NeverBounce is a great software that will serve your purpose well.


  • The customer support is quite good
  • Ensures a good delivery rate
  • Very easy to use and understand
  • Quick and easy removal process


  • The pricing is slightly expensive
  • Complaints about bounce rate being high



EmailListVerify is another great email list cleaning software. This software focuses a lot on making sure that your campaigns give great results. 

To ensure that it offers real-time email verifications as well as email scrubbing services that will help in removing all the invalid ids from your list. It also helps in avoiding duplication of emails. 

Once you put your list in this software, it will instantly identify and remove all the duplicated emails. Overall, EmailListVerify offers some amazing services to run your email campaigns seamlessly. 


  • Their customer support is great
  • Promises good results 
  • Helps in removing duplicate emails
  • The UI is clean 


  • The user interface although cleaning is a little confusing
  • Complaints about the company failing to offer refunds



Bounceless is one of the best email list cleaning software. With Bounceless, you can smoothly perform email verification and clean out your email list. This software helps you through every step in your email campaign process and offers complete services.

With his high-quality email scrubbing features, the bounce rate of your email campaigns is greatly reduced. This promises you great results every time you run a campaign. Bounceless also can fully integrate with MailChimp, which is a blessing because you would most likely be running your email campaigns from there.


  • Fully integrates with MailChimp 
  • Offers real-time email verification
  • Ensures a good success rate for your email campaigns
  • Allows you to import your email lists quickly


  • Lots of complaints about the customer support system
  • There’s lack of customization


MailGet List Cleaning

MailGet List Cleaning is one of the best email list cleaning software that offers reliable services to all its users. The process of cleaning your email lists becomes super simple when you’re using MailGet List. 

All you’ll need to do is upload your email list, click a button, and your email list will be cleaned in no time. MailGet also offers seamless integration with most email marketing software so that you can quickly run successful email campaigns. 

It has a 9-step process for filtering out the unwanted emails so you can expect the kind of quality it will deliver. 


  • Integrates well with a ton of software
  • The interface is quite simple and easy to understand
  • Supports multiple SMTPs
  • The process of setup is also quite easy


  • There is a lack of custom fields of subscribers
  • Some users complain that the prices are high



Clearout is a neat little email list cleaning software that provides you with all the services you could need. Over the years, it became one of the market leaders in the industry. 

It helps in the process of validation, verification and cleaning of your email lists all in real-time. Moreover, it also automatically removes duplicate emails to save time and manual efforts. 

It also makes sure that every email you send, lands in the customer’s inbox so that the open rate of your emails remains high. 


  • Offers validation for SMTP servers 
  • Automatically removes duplicate emails
  • Removes all the subaddresses of Gmail, Yahoo, etc
  • You can easily verify all the role-based emails through Role Account Verification 


  • Can be a little slow when performing validation
  • Complaints about unknown responses



QuickEmailVerification is a decent tool that will keep unwanted and dead email addresses from entering your email list. With this software, you can have clean and useful email lists that will surely drive great positive results out of your email campaigns. 

It can verify bulk emails so you can verify thousands of email addresses in your email lists within a matter of minutes. Moreover, it also has an AI tool that will help you in verifying email addresses in real-time as they enter your database. This saves a lot of time and effort. 


  • Has an accuracy of 95%
  • Comes with an AI tool for real-time verification
  • Offers bulk email verification
  • There are various email verification methods


  • The APIs response time is a little slow
  • Doesn’t offer to track for spam trap emails



ZeroBounce promises an accuracy rate of 98%. It offers premium services, making it one of the best email list cleaning software in the industry. This software comes with several features that are unique and differentiates it from its competitors. 

First off, it has the email validation system that will tell you if the email is good or not. ZeroBounce’s technology has the power to identify and detect catch-all domains, as well. 

Moreover, it also tracks down and detects spam traps. All in all, ZeroBounce offers many services that can prove to be highly beneficial for your campaigns.


  • Automatically removes duplicate emails
  • Can append IP Address information
  • Provides several layers of security protocols
  • It has also introduced an AI tool now


  • Doesn’t have a mobile app
  • It Doesn’t offer 100% accuracy



EmailMarker is a famous email list cleaning software which has an accuracy rate of 97%. It performs all the essential tasks of an email list cleaning software such as cleaning junk emails, identifying spam traps or removing duplicate emails.


  • Identifies and merges all the duplicate emails 
  • Checks for invalid and bad domains
  • Also checks for any invalid email formats
  • Offers flexible pricing plans 


  • Only offers integration with MailChimp
  • Doesn’t accurately detect role-based email addresses



Having clean email lists is very important if you want to run successful email campaigns that will drive good results. We hope that our list of the best email list cleaning software will help you in finding the best software for your email lists. 


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