8 Best Push Notification Plugins For WordPress

If you’re running a WordPress website, you can install some of the best push notification plugins and send automatic notifications to the visitors who have previously visited your website and opted to get the notifications on their screens. These push notifications can be updates related to a new article on your website, a new product or any other promotion.

When you have a brand or a website, you know that creating relationships with your clients is one of the most important things. There are several ways to create relationships with your customers like through email marketing, or through posting engaging content on social media platforms or conducting various online competitions, etc.


These relationships mean that the visitors will keep coming back to your website and will keep buying things. Here’s where the best push notification plugins come into play. In recent times, one new phenomenon has come up, that allows you to create personalized, close relationships with your customers, or a chance to keep yourself in their memory and definitely on their phone screens. And that new phenomenon is Push Notifications.


If you’re running a WordPress website, you can install some of the best push notification plugins and send automatic notifications to the visitors who have previously visited your website and opted to get the notifications on their screens. These push notifications can be updates related to a new article on your website, a new product or any other promotion.


Push notification plugins are a great way to drive relevant traffic to your site and keep it coming over and over again. There are many best push notification plugins for WordPress available.


Choosing the right one for your website can be a bit of an effort. Therefore, to save you from that trouble we have compiled a list of the 8 best push notification plugins that you can use on your website and get the best results.


1. Beamer

Beamer is one of the best push notification plugins for WordPress. The plugin offers some really great features and you can use it to create push notifications and you can also use it as a notification center that will appear on your sidebar.


When you use Beamer you will get a ton of highly functional options. First off, you have the liberty to use images, videos and GIFs within your notifications. Moreover, you can also show user feedback or ratings through your notifications and a lot many things. All in all, Beamer is one of the best push notification plugins that you can use for your website.


    • Allows you to incorporate images, videos and other content in your notification
    • Very lightweight, doesn’t slow your website down
    • You can customize your notification designs
    • Offers user segmentation as well


    • Might not be the best option for big organizations
    • Might not have some features that other plugins have


2. OneSignal

OneSignal is one of the most user-friendly plugins out there. You can create really great push notifications full of different features. Through this plugin, you can greatly enhance your website’s reach and traffic.


It offers you some really useful features, for example, through OneSignal you can segment your users so that each segment gets different notification according to their interests. Moreover, you can also send out automated notifications in case there’s a promotion or a new blog post.


    • Really affordable prices
    • A great choice for small businesses
    • Features in-app messaging
    • The segmentation option is really good


    • The plugin is still in development
    • Scheduling for different platforms/medium can be a little time consuming


3. PushEngage

If you are someone who loves to analyse things and get into the analytical technicalities, then Push Engage is the right option for you. With a dashboard that’s easy to understand Push Engage offers shows important figures like opt-in rates, CTRs, Number of clicks etc.


With such information in your knowledge, you can greatly optimise your notifications and make them cost effective. Moreover, you can also help in tuning your notifications and seeing which designs and content is doing good while which isn’t.


    • Shows some really important analytics metrics
    • Offers push notification options in many different languages
    • You can automate or schedule notifications as well
    • Offers seven different opt-in choices


    • Some people complain about getting relevant traffic sources
    • Errors and problems with ad duplication


4. Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications is easily one of the best push notification plugins for WordPress. It’s so amazing but it literally brings about all of the most important features and provides them in one single package.


From Facebook Messenger, to push notification, newsletters and analytics, there’s literally everything that Smart Notifications plugin can take care of. This way your time is saved and your communication with your target audience is greatly improved as well.


Overall, Smart Notifications is a great plugin, it integrates well with most major platforms and it offers some nice designs for push notifications as well.


    • Offers an all in one package
    • Comes with great analytics options as well
    • Can integrate really well with several other tools
    • Helps in saving your time and efforts


    • Some users might not understand this plugin fully
    • Only has a premium version


5. SendPulse

SendPulse is another great addition to the list of the best push notification plugins for WordPress. Through this plugin you can instantly make announcements by sending out attractive push notifications to all your customers’ phones or computers.


It lets your customers know about any new blog posts, new promotions and offers and just about everything else that you would want your subscribers to especially know. Overall, SendPulse is a great plugin to increase the engagement on your website and it has some really amazing features to go with.


Some of those amazing features include A/B split testing, sending out bulk messages, offline notifications, and many more.


    • SendPulse is completely free for the first 2500 subscribers and 15000 messages
    • You can send out bulk messages
    • Allows you to carry out A/B Testing for your WordPress site
    • Also offers cross-browser compatibility


    • After 2,500 subscribers or 15,000 messages you’ll have to upgrade to the premium version
    • The design elements might be lacking a little in this one


6. Fire Push

Fire Push is another great plugin for sending out push notifications to your website visitors. With just a single click you can make big announcements about your products, a new blog update and just about anything else happening on your website.


One unique and really great feature that Fire Push offers is that you can send live notifications. This means that your customers will be getting notifications regarding your website while they’re scrolling on it. Fire Push also offers integration with WooCommerce, so it’s also great for you if you have an eCommerce business.


Overall, Fire Push is quite a decent plugin and it will definitely fulfil all your push notification and other website requirements.


    • Lets you send out live push notifications
    • Comes with many customization options
    • Integrates with WooCommerce
    • Easy to use interface


    • Might be a little confusing for beginners
    • Only has a premium version


7. Push Assist

Push Assist is also one of the best push notification plugins and that’s why it’s in our list. You would have to sign up on their website for a free account but after that the entire process is quite simple.


Push Assist has a great many options that will make your life easier and will drive a lot of traffic to your website. You can schedule campaigns, post and product notifications, etc. You can also personalize your notifications by adding your personal brand’s logo, title, content as well as a link to whatever the notification is talking about.


All in all, Push Assist has all the necessary features to become the go-to plugin for your website.


    • Offers good analytical features
    • You can segment each of your campaigns
    • Offers A/B Testing
    • Quite easy to use


    • Some improvements can be made to the homepage design
    • The free version has limited options


8. iZooto

iZoota focuses on the different types of websites and their needs. Therefore, it has something to offer to everyone. First off, it has different pricing plans according to businesses like e-commerce, enterprises, etc.


With iZoota you have the option of creating as well as scheduling the notifications right where you’re editing your posts. This saves a lot of time and effort. And it also provides a quick way of notifying your users about a new blog post, a new product or any other announcement.


If however, you’re trying to use this plugin without any PPC ads then we would suggest that you stay away from it. Moreover, on the pricing side, although there are different plans, some things are just not great and can be made better. This includes the fact that you can’t remove the iZooto branding until you upgrade your plan.


    • Offers geo-targeting
    • Teams can make use of the collaboration feature
    • Allows deliveries in local time zones
    • Offers some good monetization opportunities


    • The prices can be a little too expensive
    • Not the right choice if you won’t be running ads on your website



Sending out push notifications is a new and a really engaging way to drive traffic to your website. Therefore it’s important that you use one of these best push notification plugins on your WordPress website so that your visitors can stay updated and connected with you as well.




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