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You need the best security plugins for your website if you wish to keep it protected from outside threats. Read on to know about the best security plugins.

Website hacking is a widespread thing that happens every day on the internet. If you have a beautiful website for your business, then you must also protect it.

Website hacking is a widespread thing that happens every day on the internet. If you have a beautiful website for your business, then you must also protect it. You can do this using any of the best security plugins. 

Since WordPress is an open-source website, anyone can inject some harmful codes and introduce malware into your website. It can even get worse if you lose important clients’ data. Hackers can end-up using those data against them or your own business. 

Thankfully that there are multiple options for you to choose from to secure your site. But choosing the perfect one from so many options can be confusing. 

Therefore, in this article, we will be list down some of the best security plugins that we have come across. These plugins are trusted, widely used and offer great services. So let’s get into their details. 


Sucuri Security

The first on our list is the super renowned, Sucuri Security. It’s definitely one of the best security plugins that offers a ton of amazing features for your website security. They have a free and a paid version, but most of the useful features are only in the premium version.

Nevertheless, to name a few of them, Sucuri offers free malware protection on your website without any additional costs. It provides you with firewall protection to protect you from viruses and attacks. 

You can also carry out manual malware scanning using Sucuri. This plugin is impressive with the features it provides, and you can make good use of it. 


    • The security system is very comprehensive
    • Offers great customer support
    • It can also harden WordPress’ security with a 1-click feature
    • The settings are easy to understand


    • Most of the best features are a part of the premium plan
    • The premium plan is expensive


iThemes Security Pro

The team that has built iThemes Security Pro is the team behind several other famous WordPress plugins like the BackupBuddy or Ithemes Security Pro. 

This is without a doubt one of the best security plugins out there, giving your website the right amount of security that it needs. 

They offer a ton of features, along with a simple user interface, so all the processes are easy to do. This plugin comes with two-factor authentication to further increase the security on your site. 

Moreover, it also offers many other great features like password protection, login attempt limits, WordPress backups and many more. Overall, it is a great security plugin that comes with a ton of exciting features for your website.


    • Comes with both, a free and a premium version
    • Offers to monitor files and malware scanning
    • Easy to use interface
    • A wide variety of security options and settings


    • Doesn’t always integrate well with web hosting services
    • It can’t prevent every single attack on your site



The services Wordfence offers are quite similar to Sucuri, but Wordfence is much more affordable. It comes with a free version as well as a paid version. 

When it comes to features, it provides full protection against malware and all kinds of viruses, along with malware scanning of files and plugins before they get uploaded onto your site. You can also look at real-time traffic analytics to see who is entering your website. 


    • Lets you sign in from the phone
    • Comes with many features
    • Offers malware scanning
    • Two-factor authentication and many other security tools


    • Not so easy to understand unless you know the technicalities
    • Scanning takes a lot of time and bandwidth


BulletProof Security

For starters, Bulletproof Security is free, so they can enjoy it without ever spending a penny.  

When it comes to features, it’s not quite fancy, but it still does offer all the basic security features that one can require on their website. It does, however, provide some unique features. Firstly it has a tool named the Database Diff Tool which allows you to compare your old database with the new one. Furthermore, this plugin also protects your upload folder and prevents it from attacks. 

Overall, it does have some pretty decent features that can help you with your site’s security. 


    • Comes with a Database Diff Tool
    • Has the option to protect upload folders
    • Automatically logs out if the user is idle
    • Free service


    • The interface is quite complicated and takes time to be understood
    • Doesn’t remove all folders and files when it is uninstalled


Shield Security

Shield Security is a decent security plugin for WordPress websites offering almost all the necessary security features. The dashboard of the plugin is quite refined as it shows you all the intrusions that plugin has blocked and all the possible issues that might still be present. 

Overall, Shield Security has all the nice features at affordable prices so you can take up their services and protect your website. 


    • Through their import-export option, you can import the security settings of one Shield enabled site to another
    • The dashboard is very interactive and informational
    • Allows you to monitor the activity of users
    • Offers website firewall protection


    • Doesn’t offer a malware removal


WP Security Ninja

WP Security Ninja has been around since the past eight years. It comes with a checklist of 50+ issues that works like a security checklist.

It inspects your websites against the items on the checklist. It also provides you with a security report after the inspection process so that you can pinpoint and use their services on those specific areas. 


    • Allows you to import and export settings
    • Offers scanning and firewall protection
    • Can easily block suspicious requests
    • Comes with login form protection


    • Doesn’t remove malware from your site



MalCare is one of the best security plugins in the market. It offers super-fast malware detection and removal, as well. It took almost 2.5 years to develop this plugin so you can expect the kind of security it will offer. 

MalCare offers some great features for your website’s security, and you can use their services for a long time to keep your website safe. 


    • One-click site hardening 
    • Offers complete website management
    • Instantly removes malware from your site automatically
    • Keeps on identifying complex malware


    • Malcare only runs on online hosted websites
    • There is no option for two-factor authentication



Securing your website is one of the most important things that you should do as soon as your website is live. We hope that these best security plugins will become your choice for your site’s protection.


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