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Gone are the times when building websites used to be a dreadful task and something only experienced professionals could do. Now, websites can be built in a matter of hours with absolutely no experience necessary.

Compared to a time when you needed to have knowledge about coding now all you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Gone are the times when building websites used to be a dreadful task, and something only experienced professionals could do. You will always need professionals to help you build an advanced website, but with some dedication, you can also create your website.  

Compared to a time when you needed to know to code (HTML, CSS, PHP…), now all you need is some motivation to learn and an internet connection. This ease in website creation has become possible due to some of the best website builders.

Tons of website builders offer free and paid website building services. For some of them, all you have to do is open their website and use their drag and drop builders to design a reasonably personalized webpage, just the way you want it. 

To make it even more comfortable, most of the best website builders companies also offer pre-designed templates. You load the template, change the text, images and Voila. 

If you’re looking to build your website and need to find a reliable website builder, this article is for you. In this article, we will be listing some of the best website builders in town. Let’s go!  


#1. WordPress

Our list of the best website builders would be incomplete if it didn’t have WordPress. Over the years, WordPress has become THE most popular and highly used website builders. (here is a small secret, you’re on a WordPress site right now) 

Almost one-third of all websites are made on WordPress, and that shows the sheer power that this builder possesses. 

WordPress possesses all the features that you would need to make a fantastic website, but it does require some prior knowledge. In the start, it can be a little hard; that’s why we put up our step by step guide to create a WordPress website yourself. 

WordPress is more than enough for all your new website needs. It has around 56,000 plugins that you can use to increase the functionality of your website. Moreover, it has countless templates for you to choose from, so there’s no limit to what you can achieve using WordPress. 


    • One of the cheapest website builders
    • Offers just about everything required for website building
    • Comes with more than 56,000 different plugins
    • You’ll have complete control over your entire website and its design


    • Doesn’t have free simple drag and drop builder
    • You’ll have to purchase plugins to enjoy the best benefits 


#2. Wix

There are a ton of reasons why Wix is the second on our list of the best website builders. To begin with, it is one of the most uncomplicated website builders ever. You don’t need knowledge about designing nor coding to work on Wix. It has an easy to use and understand drag and drop builder that allows you to create the website of your choice.

Another great thing about Wix is the fact that you can get tons of templates for free and edit them according to your preference. Wix makes creating and starting up a website a matter of a few minutes. 

It also has an AI tool named the Wix ADI tool. If you use that you’ll have to answer some questions and tell the number of pages that you want to have. All the rest will be done by the tool itself, and you’ll have a website design. 


    • The site speed is amazing
    • Easy to use drag and drop builder
    • Comes with a vast collection of website templates
    • Has a fully automated AI Tool for your assistance and website building


    • Analytics and tracking are only available if you have the paid version
    • You can’t transfer your website


#3. Shopify

Shopify makes it third in our list. Shopify helps with online sales and facilitates e-commerce transactions. So if you want to set up an online store, it would be a thing. 

If you have a brand that sells a product or service, Shopify will let you design the entire website and online store. Using Shopify, you can also find a brand name and use various tools to grow it. This website builder offers numerous free as well as paid themes for its users. 

You can use these themes as they are or make changes to them according to your preference. Furthermore, you can also track all your sales with its in-depth analytics. Overall, for a sales-driven business, Shopify is a great alternative.


    • Great for e-commerce 
    • Allows you to create versions of your website in native languages
    • Offers many templates to choose from
    • Come with a free and a paid version


    • Adding fields like text-boxes is a bit complicated
    • Professional reporting is only available on some premium expensive plans


#4. Squarespace

If you’re a creative, Squarespace can be a website builder for you. The biggest reason behind this is the fact that it offers designs and templates that are great for innovative companies and business. Their templates have a massive visual content with aesthetic design elements. 

Working on the builder is very easy. To start, you need to choose a template and edit it with the drag and drop builder. From there on, all you’ll have to do is make changes according to your taste and liking using that builder. But many times, customization isn’t even needed because their pre-designed templates are already pretty great. 


    • Offers unique, visually-appealing templates and designs
    • Comes with a wide variety of web fonts 
    • Integrates well and easily with many major third-party apps
    • Comes with a built-in marketing tool


    • No phone support available to reach the customer support team
    • The pages don’t autosave


#5. Weebly

Weebly is another famous builder. This builder also allows you to create websites for free along with premium versions as well. Weebly’s free service offers a lot more than most other website builders ever do. 

Upon signing up, you’ll get given 500 MBs of storage, free SSL certification, free hosting, several SEO tools, forms and customer support. With that package, you have more than enough to get started. 

Weebly gives you much freedom. If you’re a developer, you can even make changes to the website’s coding using Weebly. Finally, it’s quite affordable and offers several great features for website building. 


    • Offers easy integration with most third-party apps
    • The site keeps on continually improving and coming up with new features
    • Comes with several different templates for you to start working on
    • The pricing is affordable 


    • The site can be glitchy sometimes
    • The plugins are limited


#6. Webflow

Webflow is also one of the best website builders that you can use to create outstanding websites. However, Webflow is most definitely not for new users. It’s for people who have at least some knowledge about web designing. Their best tool is Designer, which allows you to carry out front-end coding without you doing the in-depth, technical coding. 

Webflow offers a more technical experience to its users. Unlike other website builders, it doesn’t have a simple to use layout with a drag and drop builder. Instead, it is for people who like attention to detail and a lot of complex control and technicality in their work. 


    • Offers you fantastic control over the entire coding of your website
    • The performance of the builder is outstanding
    • Excellent customer support service
    • Has just about everything you can need to create a complete, fully-functioning website


    • The variations in price plans can be confusing.


#7. Carrd

Carrd is the last entry in our list of the best website builders. It’s possibly one of the most unique out of all the entries in our list because it offers one-page website designs only. With Carrd, you can keep it simple, compact and aesthetic. 

Because it only offers one-page designs, Carrd automatically becomes the cheapest option among all the other website builders. For this same reason, it is the industry leader in one-pager sites. 


    • The user interface is very organized
    • Website and service is relatively easy to use
    • All the plans are very affordable
    • Comes with some unique one-page templates


    • There are no features for eCommerce integration
    • Suitable for single-page websites only



Having a great website is an essential part of your business’s success and marketing. Therefore, make sure that you invest in one of the best website builders so that you can get the most value out of your money. 


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