7 Best Chat Plugins

7 BEST CHAT PLUGINS - FOCUS PPC - Digital Agency Accra

Offering chat support on your website is a great way to add a personal touch to it. There are a ton of chat plugins that you can use and install on your website. 


With the availability of a huge variety of options, customers tend to get confused with which plugins are the best chat plugins. And therefore, to help you with that confusion we will be listing down a list of the best plugins along with their features. 

Best Email Marketing Platforms

When you’re running a business, you’ll find that there are a ton of ways to grow it online. One of the best of these marketing methods is Email Marketing. Email Marketing has been around for quite a long time and over the years has become one of the most trusted and popular ways of marketing for businesses.

Best WordPress Forms Plugins

Best WordPress Forms Plugins | Focus PPC | Digital Marketing Agency

Contact forms basically provide your site visitors a user-friendly and interactive way of providing their information to you. This information can then later be used for telling them about promotions, releasing bulk emails and for newsletters, etc.

On WordPress you will find hundreds of different WordPress Forms Plugins that you can easily choose from. But the main take here, is to pick the one that will give you the best form designs. 

Best WordPress Rich Snippets

Best WordPress Rich Snippets | Focus PPC | Digital Marketing Agency

A Rich snippet is a piece of code written in HTML that shows valuable information and shares it with the users. They are different from normal snippets, as they show additional data between the URL and the description. Furthermore, rich snippets display data in the form of ratings, votes, events, reviews, etc. So, it’s essential to opt for the best Wordpress Rich Snippets!

Best WordPress Themes For 2021

7 Best WordPress Themes For 2021 | Focus PPC | Digital Marketing Agency

Having a website that looks good and instantly grabs the attention of your customers is very important for your business. Stats show that 94% of the first brand impressions are formed when the customers come in contact with your website design. Therefore, choosing from the best WordPress Themes is essential.

Usage of pictures where needed, along with proper SEO-optimized content can do miracles to your business. It can also drive a lot of traffic to your website. Some of the best Themes that we will be talking about in this article will help you achieve this.

Best SEO Plugin and Tools For Your Site

Best SEO Plugin and Tools For Your Site Focus PPC Digital Marketing Agency

Search Engine Optimization, more commonly known as SEO has become one of the most popular practices of marketers to drive traffic and conversions to their websites. If you have a WordPress or any other website but it’s not SEO-optimized, there’s a big chance that it won’t perform well at all. And you’ll hardly get any traffic. The best SEO plugin comes with several benefits that will be discussed as you read ahead.

9 other calls-to-action you can use aside from “Learn More”

9 other calls-to-action you can use aside from "Learn More"

A great CTA has the power to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts substantially. For Brafton; the content marketing agency, by adding CTA buttons to their article templates, they increased revenue by 83% in one month.

But ironically, getting your audience to do what you want is a daunting challenge.

Best Website Builders in 2020

BEST WEBSITE BUILDERS IN 2020 - FOCUS PPC - Digital Agency Accra

Gone are the times when building websites used to be a dreadful task and something only experienced professionals could do. Now, websites can be built in a matter of hours with absolutely no experience necessary.

Compared to a time when you needed to have knowledge about coding now all you need is a browser and an internet connection.