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Google Ads Campaigns

If your google ads campaign is set up right, it can be a game changer to your business and skyrocket your sales. However, a poorly designed google ads campaign can waste a lot of money. As you’ll most likely imagine, running a successful Google Ads campaign requires excellent expertise. Businesses today need a robust search engine presence to be competitive. At Focus PPC, we continuously monitor and optimise our clients’ accounts to ensure the best results possible

We love what we do

Why Advertise?

The reason Facebook ads are so powerful is that it allows advertisers to target a specific audience based on their age, location and interests. So we can enter all the metrics we feel our prospects meet and ask Facebook to push on their timeline my video or my post out to those people and increase my brand awareness.

We love what we do

How does it work?

Keep your products or services in the face of prospects who left without taking action. 98% of your first-time website visitors don’t take the desired action before leaving your website.  Taking action can be filling out a form, making a phone call, or purchasing an item


Google allows you to tailor your remarketing ads based on the specific products and pages a user viewed during their visit to your site. 


Dynamic retargeting allows you to create a single, easy-to-update product inventory feed that places retargeting ads based on the exact products your users have viewed.


With social retargeting, your ads show up on the social network feeds of previous visitors to your site. This combines the benefits offered by social advertising.

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