14 important marketing planning frameworks you need to start using now.

14 important marketing planning frameworks you need to start using now

Also known as strategic frameworks, marketing planning frameworks are a series of questions/ideas that organizations use to define specific marketing objectives or initiatives to achieve their brand goals. Most organizations rely on these frameworks to guide them in clarifying their business goals and achieving them. At the agency, we deploy a lot of these frameworks […]

Best Email Marketing Platforms

When you’re running a business, you’ll find that there are a ton of ways to grow it online. One of the best of these marketing methods is Email Marketing. Email Marketing has been around for quite a long time and over the years has become one of the most trusted and popular ways of marketing for businesses.

10 truly free social media marketing courses for the busy brand manager

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Four billion. As 2020 comes to a close, the number of social media users is steadily approaching the 4 billion mark. That is one in every two people in the world liking, commenting, and sharing on social media. Naturally, your brand has to play in the new public square.  When I started my career in […]

6 ways to promote your B2B brand on Tik Tok right now

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I can’t watch my clock anymore! The Tik Toks are so annoying.

Welcome to 2020. Tik Tok has become so popular that it’s embedded in our most mainstream jokes. But while you may look upon it derisively and dismiss it as the vacuous pastime of the hapless Gen Zs, it really isn’t.

If you are not already there; TikTok is a powerful marketing tool that your brand has to get on.

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Do you want to grow your audience online? Drive traffic to your website? Create awareness for your brand or business? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you don’t just need someone to create designs and share posts on your social media platforms, you need a dedicated team of online strategists, content marketers, designers and web developers who will come with a seamless digital strategy to help you achieve your marketing goals.


HOW TO GROW YOUR ONLINE AUDIENCE So you finally made that choice.. Deciding to become an entrepreneur is one of the bravest and coolest things one could ever embark on in their lifetime. It’s filled with ups and downs as well as those little moments of triumph that make the struggles worth it. In the […]